Welcome to Henle Hazmat Training and Consulting

With over 30 years teaching and responding to hazardous materials incidents, Henle Hazmat Training & Consulting provides training to both the private and public sectors. Our experience brings a “real world” perspective and a common sense approach to the training and more than meets the compliance needs of our customers. We have successfully trained personnel from industry, fire departments, law enforcement including the FBI, the military, and a host of other agencies.

Henle Hazmat Training & Consulting offers a multitude of classes and our classes can be specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers. All of our instructors are experienced trainers, experienced hazmat responders, that bring our experiences to the classroom. We can provide “hands-on” activities with practical demonstrations to enhance the training.

Also, our vast experience allows to provide LEPC Hazardous Materials Plan development, Railroad Emergency Response Plan development and the design and performance of a variety of “realistic” Exercises.

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